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The M1, Dual Mono Masterpiece.



"...the Bricasti M1 Special Edition is simply the finest digital audio playback that I have ever heard."

− Gary Galo / Read full review


"The M1 is one of the best DACs available on the market at any price."

− Ed Momkus / Read full review

Audio Stream

"The Bricasti Design M1 DAC belongs in my top ranking of DACs that I have had the
pleasure to review."

− Steven Blaskin / Read full review

audio Esoterica

"it may just be as good as
digital sound can get."

− Edgar Kramer / Read full review


"La jeune firme américaine Bricasti a créé un convertisseur audionumérique de haut de gamme et atypique"

− Philippe David / Read full review


"Bricasti Design's M1 is a Class A+ digital processor...Enthusiastically recommended."

− John Atkinson / Read full review


"The best digital playback I ever heard."

− John Marks / Read full review


"However you look at it − sound quality, construction, engineering, test bench performance − the M1 hits the spot."


January 2017

We would like to acknoledge Audio Art, one of the leading consumer audio magazine in Asia, for awarding the Bricasti M1 Special Edition with this years "Best Value Of The Year 2017" award.

April 2016

Once again thanks to all those that came to visit us at Axpona in Chicago and we were honored to accept two PFO Audio Oasis Awards. On tap this year was a sneak peak at the new M12 Dual Mono Source Controller paired with the Bricasti M28 Monoblock Amplifiers. Stereophile's Herb Reichert had a chance to listen first hand and had these comments to make in his show report:

"At AXPONA, Brian was demonstrating his brand new M12 Dual Mono Source Controller ($15,995). This handsome new device combines the state-of-the-art dual mono digital/DSD performance of the M1 SE with wide ranging analog level and control functions. The total package appears to be a completely modern front end for the best systems at any price point." (read more) "

Scot Hull from Part-time Audiophile was also on hand to experience the new M12 and wrote a very complete first look from the show which you can access from the link below:

" One of the best sounds on offer this year at AXPONA! " (read more)

October 2015

Thanks to all that visited us in Denver at this years RMAF. Attendees were presented with music playing from Bricast's Limited Edition Gold M1 D/A running fully balanced direct into the Bricasti M28 monoblock amplifiers. Stereophile's Herb Reichert stopped by for a listen and had these comments to make in his show report:

" I was blunt, I told Brian, "Okay, this feels like the best digital playback I've ever heard: but why is that so?..." (read more) "

Michael Lavorgna RMAF show coverage for Audio Stream:

" Beyond the fact that the Bricasti room is always a pleasure to listen in, and this year was no exception with the M1 going directly into the Bricasti M28 monoblocks driving a pair of Tidal speakers, what I enjoyed most about being there was having the opportunity to talk to Brian Zolner, the President of Bricasti Design. " (read more)

Editor-in-Chief for Positive Feedback, Dr. David Robinson, has awarded Bricasti Design the "Positive Feedback Audio Oasis Award" in recognition of sonic excellence at RMAF 2015 with the remarks:

" Nice job at RMAF 2015! Keep up the stellar work in the audio arts! "

August 2015

Attendees at Capitol Audio Fest in Washington D.C. had the opportunity to experienced the new limited edition gold M1 digital to analog converter and M28 monoblock amplifier taking center stage with Tidal Audio's Agoria Loudspeakers." Mark Henninger from AVS Forum had these comments after droping by for a visit:

" ...This was likely the best-sounding system at the show, and one of the few that stood out in its pure excellence. "

Scott Hull's Capitol Audio Fest show coverage for Part-Time Audiophile:

" What did I hear? I’ll cut to the chase — this room was my first vote for Best-In-Show. Bass was d-e-e-e-e-p, in exactly that kind of way you want a good sub to sound, natural without discontinuity. " (read more)

This years California Audio Show took Place in San Francisco California and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Stereophile's Jason Serinus first day show report featured Bricasti:

"...the midrange was gorgeous, and the dynamic range immense. Simply immense. This Bricasti and friends system exhibited the largest dynamic range sweeps of any system I recall hearing in a standard-size hotel room. Equally impressive was some of the finest and best-controlled low bass I've ever encountered at an exhibit that didn't use a subwoofer. Combined with the system's beautiful warmth, the set-up delivered an all-encompassing musical experience." (read more)

June 2015

Bricasti Design President Brian Zolner joined Brian Walsh from Essential Audio for a special two-day dealer event in Chicago. Attendees had the opportunity to speak with Brian and listen to the Bricasti M1 USB digital to analog converter and the M28 monoblock amplifiers with a variety of source material.

Bricasti Design at The Newport Show in Irvine California in conjunction with Pietra-Audio 3a speakers, Purist Audio Design cables, and StillPoints Ultra Isolation devices. Stereophile's Jason Serinus dropped by and commented in his show report saying "Reinforcing these positive impressions were the extremely impressive bass and excellent control on "The Town Burns" from John Williams' soundtrack to Rosewood."

April 2015

Bricasti Design at the 2015 Axpona in Chicago in conjunction with TIDAL Audio Piano Diacera speakers, Purist Audio Design cables, and StillPoints Ultra Isolation devices, was awarded two Positive-Feedback's Audio Oasis awards saying "Congratulations to you all! Your room sounded absolutely wonderful, demonstrated the virtues of DSD quite clearly, and showed how fine the sound at a high-end audio show can be! I had a great time here…the synergy was fantastic!"

October 2014

Bricasti Design at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in conjunction with TIDAL Audio Cera speakers, Purist Audio Design cables, and StillPoints Ultra Isolation devices, was awarded Positive-Feedback's Audio Oasis award saying "The quality of the sound in this room was unique...detailed, transparent, and dynamic! Jared Sacks' native DSD recordings were sounding amazing here!"

The M1 has been honored with the AudioShark's Best Sound of Show Under $100,000. at the Rock Mountain Audio Fest 2014.

August 2014

Bricasti Design, TIDAL Audio, Purist Audio Design, StillPoints and TVTI receive AVShowrooms' Gold Show Award for the 2014 Capital Audiofest.