M3 digital to analog converter
M25 stereo amplifier
M21 digital to analog converter
M12 Source Controller
M15 stereo amplifier
M28 monoblock amplifier
M1 digitial to analog converter
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Bricasti News

- "One of the most convincing aspects of the M15 that solidified its place in my audio rack was the way it preserved the music and meaning...I give my highest recommendation to the Bricasti M15.
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2019 Best of Award

- "Bricasti killed it with their brand new M15 Pro Series Stereo amplifier. It's an A-list performer at any price..."
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2018 Best of Award

- " ...I now have a new level of excellence to hold all other equipment I evaluate to."
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Sound Mirror Boston

Bricasti Amplification

"These are the first amplifiers that we've ever used that we couldn't hear. It's amazing to listen to classical music and not notice that there's an amplifier working in the audio path."

Product Feature

Introducing the M3

Digital to Analog Converter

m12 product feature

Featuring two fully differential conversion channels for PCM and native DSD. The M3 sets a new standard in performance and value. Check it out! ▸