Its easy and its true

Model 19 Reference Disk Player

Simplicity is the highest goal

The M19 is an SACD/CD transport, refreshingly simple to operate and dedicated solely to the goal of uncompromising performance. The design of the M19 follows simplicity in all aspects, one that would have no need for additional processing, like upsampling, no DAC, no digital inputs or USB to support, all of which complicate the user experience when you just want to put a disk in and play it, and will complicate the digital design as well. All aspects were done in keeping faithful to the original mastered media; to guarantee that no additional processing would be introduced, to yield a clear and clean rendering of the highest order.


Power Player

Power is the heart of any product. The M19 power supply design was made by adopting two oversized independent linear power supplies with medical grade toroidal transformers. One dedicated to power the drive’s transport mechanical aspects; the motor drive and loader, and the other for the digital aspects and those related to the audio path. We wanted to make sure the two sections would be completely autonomous from one another and importantly to supply stable, high current power for the motor and mechanical aspects, ensuring accurate and stable motor speeds, and removing any potential cross-feed contamination between the drive and the rest of the audio path electronics. Both of which could be potential sources of jitter, and or power supply ripple.

Details make the difference

The M19 is crafted as one complete assembly in a milled aluminum chassis, with the benefit of having its power supply in close proximity to the drive and digital output sections; this significantly reduces the possibility for any RF contamination, and most importantly ensures excellent isolated current delivery from the supply to the drive motor. It also removes any unnecessary cables and connectors, as one should note that this is low current, low voltage DC power, and this approach will achieve the best current delivery possible to all aspects of the device. As such we believe that removing the power supplies from the proximity of the drive to be of no practical benefit.

I2S super-performance

The M19 also offers a proprietary I2S digital output to be exclusively used with Bricasti DACs. The I2S interface is designed for use inside our products, for example we use it in our DACs to move data between PC boards. But, when using it between the M19 and one of our DACs, it creates the perfect mate between the devices; as though the DAC were part of the M19. This allows any of our products to be used with the M19 and with excellent performance results. This yields a clear performance gain across the whole sound spectrum, where additional clarity is brought to the fore. The I2S input is now listed as an option for all new Bricasti DACs, and as an upgrade path for previous customers as well.

Handcrafted in the USA

All of our products are crafted in the old world tradition, in a classic brick mill building in Massachusetts USA by a team of individuals dedicated to excellence.