Powerful. Compact

The Bricasti Design

Model 30 Monoblock Amplifier

The M30 monoblock amplifier is the latest iteration of the powerful M28 monoblock amplifier in a more rack-friendly form factor. For those who desire the benefits of monoblocks amps in a more compact size, the M30 boasts the exceptional performance of the M28's with a chassis height of only 10.5 inches and a width of 17 inches.


The M30 integrates the same superb current delivery as the taller M28's in a smaller, wider footprint for those desiring additional power in smaller spaces or rack-friendly set-ups. A single, powerful transformer and custom built capacitor banks render a beautiful sense of depth and dimension that needs to be experienced to truly be appreciated.

Fully differential

Not all devices are balanced end-to-end. The M30's fully differential design delivers a fast, low distortion, open and harmonically accurate musical experience. Paired with any of the Bricasti line of fully differential digital to analog converters, a truly balanced system can be enjoyed from source to speaker.

Optimal design

The M30 chassis is design to keep critical components in an optimal temperature range with the generous use of aluminum, crafted from solid blocks and a clever design that directs airflow through the top. Stillpoints isolation devices have been carefully designed directly into the feet for maximum isolation from vibration.

Handcrafted in the USA

All of our products are crafted in the old world tradition, in a classic brick mill building in Massachusetts USA by a team of individuals dedicated to excellence.