The next generation of innovation

Bricasti MDx Processor

Modular design

The Bricasti MDx digital processor is a new proprietary digital platform, years in development that transforms and refines our full line of D/A converters. Exceptionally accurate with regards to timing and incoming master clocking, network improvements to yield better sonic performance over the network and the latest inclusion of DSD256 over USB. MDx takes audio to a whole new level with sublime precision.

The MDx was implemented in production on all products starting January 2020, and is now available for upgrades. In keeping with our upgrade philosophy, all past D/A converter products are eligible for the MDx upgrade including all versions of the M1, M3, M12, and M21.

Upgrades for USA customers are in stock and factory direct. Please contact us for further information for exact pricing for your product and to schedule an upgrade to the MDx.