The M15, Consolidate Your Power.

The Bricasti Design

Model 15 Professional Stereo Power Amplifier

The Bricasti M15 Professional Series stereo amplifier is a balanced, fully differential power amplifier rated at 120 W / 400 W / 500 W into 8ohms, 4ohms and 2ohm loads respectively. The M15 Pro was designed to perform under the most challenging conditions with well controlled bass attributes, fast transient attack and spot-on imaging.

Precise control

The power amplifier is a very critical part of the audio chain. It has to take the incoming signal and amplify it and most importantly, deal with the load of the loudspeaker and control its back EMF with precision. The sound of the M15 Pro is intended to be transparent and revealing with low distortion, and fully dynamic with no sense of limits and compression in the reproduction, on any loudspeaker.

Balanced power

The M15 Pro stereo power amplifier is a true reference design in analog power amplification, an uncompromising design offering extremely low distortion with moderate power and a unique truly balanced topology rarely seen in the industry. When combined with our M1 DAC or M12 Source Controller driving the M15 one can achieve a fully differential signal path, from the converter to the loudspeaker.

Modern application

The intention of the M15 Pro is to integrate seamlessly into your existing system while allowing for a more compact form factor. A unique features like trim control lets you properly gain stage the M15 Pro, critical with todays digital sources driving the amplifier directly.

Sound Mirror Boston

With more than 40 years of experience, Sound Mirror has produced recordings that are consistently acknowledged by the press, industry peers, and have racked up more than 100 GRAMMY nominations and awards.

"We at Soundmirror can't thank you enough for your splendid development of the M28 and M15 amplifiers. Our experience with the first M28's that we received was amazing. We had been using well known expensive amps in all of our listening rooms and were quite happy with them, until we heard your mono blocks. These are the first amplifiers that we've ever used that we couldn't hear. It's amazing to listen to classical music and not notice that there's an amplifier working in the audio path. Power, clarity and frequency response are simply not an issue anymore. All of our clients who've worked in these listening rooms are equally amazed at the quality of the reproduction.

When the M15's arrived they allowed us to economically equip another listening room with Bricasti amps by using the M15's for the rear channels in each room thus freeing up M28's for use in the front of the second room. We will equip our third room with Bricasti equipment when it is renovated late this year bringing our inventory of amps to 15 units!"

John Newton
Owner, Sound Mirror

Handcrafted in the USA

All of our products are crafted in the old world tradition, in a classic brick mill building in Massachusetts USA by a team of individuals dedicated to excellence.